Dark side of the full moon screenings

Sometimes it's hard to figure out how you'll even start the maternal mental health conversation in your community.  Screening Dark Side of the Full Moon can be a great way to bring together those that have an interest in the topic, whether it's due to personal experience or career interests.  These are the people you want to get to know!  They often also want to help or giveback and don't know how, so brainstorming with them will help shape how you'll start your advice work locally.  


childbirth education classes-maternal mental health workshop

I am a believer in preventative care and giving families ALL the information as EARLY as possible.  This allows families to prepare and plan for any unforeseen complications that may occur. 

Below you'll find everything I use for my workshop.  Feel free to modify the .word docs so they make sense for you and your community. 

The Maternal Mental Health Overview is an explanation of how I present the information which follows the Powerpoint presentation.  Feel free to manipulate the Powerpoint.  I removed our Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies background so that's why it looks plain.  The overview explains how I incorporate all the handouts I use which are also below for you to download.  

We give each family participating a "Parenting Survival Kit".  It includes a coloring book, crayons, coffee mug, tea, candy and a stress ball.  After they complete their Postpartum Plan, I talk to them about filling their Survival Bucket with things that help them with a focus on their senses.  I ask them to think of things they like to taste, touch, see, hear and smell and add those things to the kit.  Parents love them!  NOTE: The buckets, tissue paper, crayons, and coloring books can be bought at the Dollar Store.    


Maternal Mental Health Overview: Step by Step Class Instruction

Powerpoint Presentation

Pre-Test: "What do you know about maternal mental health?"
Emotional Changes during Pregnancy and Postpartum
PPD Promise
Postpartum Plan

PSI Child Birth Education DVD (Spanish and English)

Survival Kit Tag Example