Hi! I'm Jennifer Silliman and I couldn't be more excited to tell you that now is the time!  

It's the time to...

Let go of the negative self-talk and "mommy guilt".

Feel more confident and optimistic.

Bring balance, energy, focus, passion and creativity back into your life.

Manage your time more effectively and become more efficient.

Sounds good doesn't it?  Of course it does.  But you're thinking...I've got a million other people and things to take care of.  Look, motherhood has a way of shifting our focus and priorities, but spending time on YOU is important for your entire family.


Here's why I want to help moms just like you!

PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM MENTAL HEALTH COMPLICATIONS...In 2009 I was pregnant with my daughter and began suffering from pregnancy obsessive-compulsive disorder with intrusive thoughts.  I didn't even know there was such thing.  I was "lucky" enough to receive treatment from amazing healthcare professionals, but I still felt terribly alone in this journey.  I now spend time advocating for the mental health care of pregnant and postpartum mothers through awareness, education and sharing my own personal story around the country.  

In fact, I produced an entire documentary about what happens when motherhood meets mental health.

WEIGHT-GAIN & WEIGHT-LOSS...Coincidently part of my treatment plan for my pregnancy/postpartum OCD was medication, and yes I gained weight.  Lots of it!  I headed to Weight Watchers, lost the weight and became a leader and personal coach, helping hundreds of people, including new moms lose weight too.  *NOTE: My coaching services are not weight-loss focused or Weight Watchers™ related.

My Weight Watchers™ Story

AUTISM...Upon going off my medication, my daughter Allyson was diagnosed with severe autism.  Yet another path that has brought me to coaching moms.  It's hard, daunting, lonely and most of all challenging to keep myself a priority, but I know it's important.

So are you ready to put yourself back on the priority list and join READY. SET. SHINE.?