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MENTAL ILLNESS: PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM OCD AND ANXIETY...  In 2009 I was pregnant with my daughter and began suffering from pregnancy obsessive-compulsive disorder with intrusive thoughts.  I didn't even know there was such thing.  I was "lucky" enough to get the treatment I needed, but still felt terribly alone.  I now advocate for the mental health care of pregnant and postpartum mothers through awareness, education and sharing my own personal story around the country and sharing the groundbreaking film I co-produced, Dark Side of the Full Moon.  

AUTISM...Upon coming off my medication, my daughter Allyson was diagnosed with severe autism, yet another path that has brought me to working with moms.  It's hard having a child that's unable to communicate all their needs and wants, but wow is she amazing!  She surfs and swims and is the happiest 7-year old you'll ever meet.  I've found that as parent of a special needs child it can lonely and most of all challenging to keep myself a priority, but I know it's important and non-negotiable.  

WEIGHT-GAIN & WEIGHT-LOSS...Coincidently part of my treatment plan for my pregnancy/postpartum OCD was medication, and yes I gained weight.  Lots of it!  I headed to Weight Watchers, lost the weight and became a leader for them, helping hundreds of people, including new moms lose weight too.  Watch my Weight Watchers Story